Mark Johnson
Dentons US LLP

Brexit: What It Could Mean For Kansas City

On June 23 the people of the United Kingdom voted by a narrow 52% to 48% margin to leave the European Union. Although London is more than 4000 miles from Kansas City, the UK is an important trading partner for many regional businesses. What are the immediate effects of the Brexit vote? Should businesses in Kansas City brace for fast change?


Posted: 6/30/2016 6:03:40 PM

Katie Hall
Development Officer
Youth Entrepreneurs

Centurions Meet with CEO, Charles Koch, and Koch Industry Leaders

As part of the Leadership Up Close programming, members of the Centurions Leadership program had an opportunity to get an insider’s look into Koch Industries.  Leadership Up Close offers Centurions exclusive access to business and community leadership in order to learn from the highest achieving influencers in our region.


Posted: 6/6/2016 3:04:44 PM