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Katie Hall
Development Officer
Youth Entrepreneurs

Centurions Meet with CEO, Charles Koch, and Koch Industry Leaders

As part of the Leadership Up Close programming, members of the Centurions Leadership program had an opportunity to get an insider’s look into Koch Industries. Leadership Up Close offers Centurions exclusive access to business and community leadership in order to learn from the highest achieving influencers in our region.
A bus full of more than 50 Centurions, both active and alumni, traveled to Wichita to see for themselves what Koch Industries is all about from some of the top executives and even CEO, Charles Koch. Koch Industries welcomed Centurions to learn about their company culture, products, capabilities, health and safety and public affairs. Each speaker engaged Centurions in conversations and provided interesting insight into the organization and their roles.
After hearing from the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, President of Market-Based Management® (Koch’s culture), President of Flint Hills Resources, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer and the CEO, Centurions had a lot to process. Here are a few things Centurions had to say about their visit:
"My most memorable Centurions get an inside look at the dynamics of such a large private company was powerful. It was impressive to hear directly from their leadership about both their business and political strategies."
–Libby Knox, Class of 1995
“I literally had no information about the company other than that generated by the media, which was entirely negative… Nothing could be further from the truth now that I've heard their side of the  story.”
-Maggie Fitzgerlad, Class of 2016
“I think Koch Industries is sincere in its approach, and does conduct business with high ethical standards. We may not agree on many policy issues, but I do better understand and respect their perspective now.”
–Angela Brees, Class of 2016

The visit to Wichita made for spirited conversations related to politics of all types, business leadership, management methodology and having the access to the leaders of a multi-billion dollar company. The conversations were fueled by the day’s experience and the wide spectrum of opinions, backgrounds and beliefs of Centurions who learn, serve and lead in Kansas City.
If you ‘d like to learn more about the Centurions Leadership Program, visit the website at

Posted: 6/6/2016 3:04:44 PM