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KC BizPAC is the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City. Voluntary contributions from our members help strengthen business participation in the elective process at state and local levels in Missouri and Kansas.

KC BizPAC is not affiliated with any political party. Rather, it’s organized to support those state and local candidates who have taken responsible positions on issues involving business and the economic well-being of the Greater Kansas City area and the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Help join forces and support candidates who support issues of critical importance to business and the quality of life of Greater Kansas City.

For more information about KC BizPAC or to make a contribution, call Tiffany Friend at (816) 812-8946, or email

Missouri & Kansas Primary Candidate Endorsements

KC BizPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of C in partnership with the CC of GKC, has endorsed the following candidates in primary elections in both states.


2018 KC BizPAC Primary
Election Endorsements





House - JO/WY Races
Patty Markley (R-8)
Tom Stanion (R-14)
Cindy Holscher (D-16)
Tom Cox (R-17)
Cindy Neighbor (D-18)
Stephanie Clayton (R-19)
Jan Kessinger (R-20)
Jerry Stogsdill (D-21)
Nancy Lusk (D-22)
Linda Gallagher (R-23)
Jarrod Ousley (D-24)
Melissa Rooker (R-25)
Karen Snyder (R-27)
Joy Koesten (R-28)
Brett Parker (D-29)
Brandon Woodard (D-30)
Colleen Webster (R-30)
Louis Ruiz (D-31)
Pam Curtis (D-32)
Tom Burroughs (D-33)
Valdenia Winn (D-34)
Kathy Wolfe Moore (D-36)
Stan Frownfelter (D-37)
Kristy Acree (R-39)
Debbie Deere (D-40)
Jim Karleskint (R-42)
Ron Ryckman (R-78)
House - Outstate
Blaine Finch (R-59)
Mary Martha Good (R-75)
Anita Judd-Jenkins (R-80)
Steven Becker (R-104)
Susan Concannon (R-107)
Greg Lewis (R-113)
Mike Cierpiot (R-8)
Harry Roberts (R-34)
Tony Luetkemeyer (R-34)
Kenneth Wilson (R-12)
Jon Carpenter (D-15)
Noel Shull (R-16)
Mark Ellebracht (D-17)
Ingrid Burnett (D-19)
Bill Kidd (R-20)
Brandon Ellington (D-22)
Barbara Washington (D-23)
Judy Morgan (D-24)
Greg Razer (D-25)
Richard Brown (D-27)
Jerome Barnes (D-28)
Rory Rowland (D-29)
DaRon McGee (D-36)
Joe Runions (D-37)
Glen Kolkmeyer (D-53)
Jack Bondon (D-56)

Additional candidates under review  may be added at a later date.