Who we are

Resilient KC is a partnership between Trauma Matters KC and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce that aims to build a healthy and resilient community. Resilient KC is collecting Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resiliency scores from adults 18 and up in Greater Kansas City.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are toxic stresses that occur one or more times to a child between 0 and 18 years of age. Science shows that the more ACEs that a person has during their childhood, the more likely their risk for negative health outcomes later in life like diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism, drug use, depression, obesity, STDs, and cancer to name a few.


July, 2016 through June 30, 2017


Missouri - Jackson, Clay, Platte, Ray, and Cass Counties
Kansas - Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson, and Miami Counties


ACEs affect 2/3 of the adult population. More people than not are affected in some way, shape, or form by ACEs that occurred during their childhood. By collecting ACE data from the Kansas City region, we will be better able to identify and provide more resources for people who need help and use the information collected to create healthier environments for future generations.
  • Children raised by an adult with 1 or more ACEs are 1000 times more likely to suffer their own ACEs
  • The cost of a single child being exposed to 4 or more ACEs is equal to $200,000 over a lifetime. 
  • Adversities experienced by children 5 years or younger can permanently rewire a child’s brain.

Toxic stress can mean that you are:
  • 242 percent more likely to smoke
  • 222 percent more likely to be obese
  • 357 percent more likely to be depressed
  • 443 percent more likely to use illicit drugs
  • 1,133 percent more likely to use injected drugs
  • 298 percent more likely to obtain an STD
  • 1,525 percent more likely to attempt suicide
  • 555 percent more likely to abuse alcohol

Resilient KC Steering Committee

Carla Gibson (Chair), REACH Healthcare Foundation
Dennis Meier (Vice Chair), Synergy Services
Carole Bowe-Thompson, UMKC
Cpt. Darren Ivey, KCMO Police Department
Dr. Franklin Bernard, KState
Erica Immenschuh, Johnson County Mental Health Center
James Roberson, KVC
Jennifer Sykes, HealthCare Foundation
Kelly Hubka, Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Marcia Dutcher, Institute for Human Development
Marsha L. Morgan, Truman Medical Centers (retired)
Qiana Thomason, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
Rob Whitten, Ozanam
Stephanie Boyer, ReDiscover Mental Health
Stephen O’Neill, Gillis
Theresa Reyes‚ÄźCummings, Jackson County Mental Health Fund



Trauma Matters KC a multi-sector, multi-system, bi-state 40-agency network comprised of health care professionals, law enforcement officials, educators, mental health organizations, government officials, military personnel, persons with lived experience and community groups, among others. These organizations and individuals are committed to raising awareness about the impact of trauma and the need to promote strategies for helping people affected by trauma build resilience. TMKC hosts meetings designed to create opportunities for its members to learn about and promote existing trauma-sensitive and resilience building practices.
In 2013, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce unveiled its Healthy KC initiative. That same year, a bistate Healthy KC Commission identified five focus areas to promote healthy behaviors: Healthy Eating, Active Living, Workplace Wellness, Tobacco Cessation and Behavioral Health. Action teams composed of experts in each area assembled and provided recommendations and priorities to the KC Chamber. The Behavioral Health team recognized that exposure to traumatic environments was at the foundation of many health challenges our community faces, and recommended building resiliency.
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